First Annual "Stand Up Alumni Award" in Social Work, presented to Lisa J. Hunter, from Dr. Thomas Prohaska, Dean of the George Mason University College Of Health and Human Services on March 6, 2017.



Our high school choir has enjoyed the services of Jes Catering LLC on several occasions. Each event was handled professionally, and we felt confident in the catering staff. The food was high quality, the service was stellar, and the attendees enjoyed their dining experience. Hungry teenagers can be a tough crowd - it would be easy to underestimate the amount of food they can eat! The leader of Jes had a clear understanding of our needs and everyone left, fully satisfied. Years later, people are still talking about “The Food”! Delicious food, great value, and staff that’s just as sweet as their pies!
— Lara Brittain, Forest Park HS Choir Director
Jes Catering is among the best in the food services industry. The quality of their ingredients and products is outstanding. Their service delivery and customer care is above and beyond. Once you experience their “goodness”, you’ll keep them on speed dial!
— Roz A. Gee, CEO of The Rated Gee Agency
When I think of my experiences with the services provided by Jes Catering, LLC, there are many words that come to mind, but the one I’d like to focus on is delightful. The food is so delicious and savory, it is truly divine. The service is genial, creative, and professional. I love knowing that supporting this business helps in sharing the light of Christ. Your event will always be in the right hands with Jes Catering!
— Angelor Laurent LMSW, Brooklyn, New York
I love Lisa’s macaroni and cheese but at the time she was only selling cakes. I bought a few to share with some of the families I support. One of the cakes was coconut. I dropped it off for Thanksgiving knowing everyone loves that cake. I told them to make sure grandpa had a slice. Later in the week I heard that grandpa would not let anyone have any of that coconut cake as he was taking the whole thing home. His son and grandchildren begged him to share it.

He gave one piece to one child and took the rest with him. It made me laugh as I understood how good Lisa’s cakes were. However, for Christmas I ordered another coconut cake for grandpa’s son and his family. The father said he was going to keep it for himself. After I started laughing I told him to share and I would order more later. Eventually I will order the pineapple upside down cake. It will be mine and I won’t share any of it.
— Rev. C. Jane Collinson

A little happy customer :)

Thank you Lisa Hunter for this lovely banana 🍌 bread ...... It's soooooooooo delicious.... I don't know who told you that we like banana bread but all 4 of us were digging in... Adrienne March Barden said that you definitely made that with love lol... Thank you so much!

I just wanted to thank Jes Catering for helping to make my daughter’s wedding a blessing and a memorable experience. The food was great. The potato salad was a big hit. And the staffing was very professional.

Thank you again and God Bless.
— Saundra